Geometric Universe (LP)


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    All tracks written, produced, and recorded by Alexandre Hill.
    Live electronic drumming and co-production by Joshua Jenquin.
    Bass on "Dust Fades", "Smile" & "Every Night" include Gary Chin.

    Photos/Artwork - Ipaghost
    Luxi "Eye" Logo - Clerra Bellis
    Hair/Makeup - Tanya Ruda
    Wardrobe - Bolted Vintage (
    Continuity - TSC

    Physical copies provided by Radiograffiti (

    * * *
    Created with the following:

    Synths - Nord Electro 3, Roland GAIA,
    DAW - Ableton Live, Renoise
    Other - Roland V-Drums, NS Electric Upright 5 string, Warwick 6 string Thumb bass

    * * *
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    Includes unlimited streaming of Geometric Universe (LP) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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// a culmination of several months of evolution & discovery, it is a fragment in time unfolding in infinite directions. //


released January 17, 2017

written & produced by AMH
Drums by Joshua Jenquin
Bass on tracks #2, 3, & 8 by Gary Chin

>>Huge thank you to everyone involved & to all who support underground music <<



all rights reserved


LUXI Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Track Name: Body Volume
// dancing all night with you by my side
wanna feel it in my body turn the volume up
lovely time passes slipping by I don't mind
passing through stars, galaxies till sunrise //

don't think I can see inside of your soul but I'll try
not waiting for anyone to save me
I'm exactly where I want to be
lovely time passes slipping by I don't mind
just being a piece of dust floating up in the sky

lovely time and lovely, just slipping by
and I don't mind and I don't-- just being dust in the sky
Track Name: Dust Fades
// lovely dust that fades away
nothing more perfect today
nothing more perfect today //

could you fold me into the galaxy?
like a blanket tucked away safe in the
sparking dark fabric of reacting cosmic reactions
like feeling passion or the undying magnet of your attraction
I got nothing on you but uniquely complete the stars in the sea
Track Name: S M I L E
// with my hands over your eyes
the corners of your smile seeping out
from inside, if only I
could feeling nothing else, feel nothing else //

for a while I was surfing the whole seas just passing time
didn't pay no mind, till I couldn't take it anymore
you caught my smile, never needed it though before

I never thought you'd find me here and it would be so clear
like the water that drips down the sides
of your overflowing ocean's heart there goes the time
never needed it though before
Track Name: Follow Me
// maybe I'll get a chance to catch my breath
cause when I feel you here I'm living in a dream
so follow me down wherever I go
if you wanna hold on to me gotta show me how //

I just wanna, I just wanna..
you left me dirty dirty
you left me burning burning
Track Name: Next 2 U
// crystallizing on the edges of your skin
find out all the trouble that I'm in
trace patterns in your eyes
nobody's perfect but the closest that I've been
is next to you at night //

so close your eyes and let me wrap you up
in galaxy fabric that's warmed up just enough
so I can find my way back again, find my way back again..

maybe you could be my light
baby you could be sunshine
I've just been singing in the darkness of the night
but I don't mind
Track Name: U N W I N D
send me off into iridescent sparkling waters
baby you could try
I'm falling into the clouds up to the sky
baby you could try
but maybe I'm too shy

// unwind, unwind, unwind //

you know I like to live up inside of my mind
baby you could try, but maybe I'm too shy
Track Name: Own World
will you be the one to make me feel safe
I'll be there for you babe
always pick you up when you're down
feeling so happy even when I'm crying
cause I know I got you by my side
even when everything changes look up at the night sky

// I'll be your girl, creating our own world
lovely eyes don't mind the past
all that's gone it couldn't ever last //

so open up your heart
keep moving forward
and love all the time all the time all the time
Track Name: Every Night
I wanna feel all the time
so I stay up every night
Track Name: S P A R K
// if I'm the water you're the fire
spark me up and take me higher //

baby could it ever be something more than in between
but when I close my eyes at night it's all I see
so cover me in mystery, where misery sleeps
you breathe me in like clouds that keep your secrets
act like it's nothing

am I prone to make the same mistakes?
don't call me if you ain't got nothing to say
don't wait if you can't take searching for some clarity
I already know what you're gonna say
I just really want to feel something
so look me in the eyes say you feel nothing
so I can light me up like we're on fire

feel you out, it's okay just gonna be smarter
feel you down, it's okay just gonna be smarter
figure it out figure me out
look me in the eyes say you feel nothing
light me up like we're on fire
when it's over take me higher